China Factory Injection Robot OEM/ODM Service
Item No:SW6308S-20
For IMM:80~300T
Arm Length:800mm
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1. Specification of the Robotic Arm


Model No. X1 X2 Y YM1 YM2 W L Z H HS
SW6308S-20 740 580 800 235 565 1260 2460 1400 1675 380
SW6310S-20 740 580 1000 235 765 1260 2460 1400 1915 380

2. Unique Sales Points

a) Price Smart Robotic Control System Options

1) Pulse Dir Control System HC-S3

2) Can BUS Control System

b) Price Smart Servo Motor & Driver Options

1) Panasonic Servo Motor and Driving System Optional

2) Inovance Servo Motor and Driving System Optional

c) Body Color Customize Service

d) EU12/EU67/JIS Interface Optional

1) Injection Robotic Arm Connecting Interface JIS (Asia)

2) Injection Robotic Arm Connecting Interface EU12

3) Injection Robotic Arm Connecting Interfae EU67

e) Detailed Documentation, Easy for Installation and Maintenance

1) Explosive View of Traverse Stroke

2) Explosive View the Cross Stroke

3) Explosive View of the Robotic Arm

4) Explosive View of the Electronic Cabinet

robot components

3. Service

a) Injection Robotic Arms Global In Field Installation & Maintenance Service.

b) Injection Robotic Arms After Service In Field Training Service.

c) Injection Robot Online Technical Support.

d) Injection Robot Automation System Design.

e) SKD Assembly In Filed/Online Instruction.


4. Why to buy Injection Robot from Switek Automation

a) Robot design and assembly since 2006

b) Complete Production line which support injection robot from 50~4000T

c) Experienced in injection molding automation

e) Experienced after service team to provide both online and global in field technical support.

5. Certificates and honors of SWITEK Automation

  robot certificate

a) National high-tech enterprise since 2013

b) Dong Guang Industrial Robot R&D Center

c) Contract and credit unit of GuangDong Provice since 2013

d) 5 Patents of Untility

e) 64 Patents of Utility

f) 5 Software copy right

g) 4 Certificates of GuangDong High Tech Products

Subject :China Factory Injection Robot OEM/ODM Service

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How would the robot be packed?

For 3 axis servo injection robot SW6308S-20 every two robots would be well fixed to on IPPC certified wooden case to protect the eco-system of the robot importing country and the injection robot itself.

robot packing

The shipping terms of the 3 axis servo injection robots:

SWITEK 3 Axis Servo Injection Robot SW6308S-20 could be shipped in any ports of China, we can also help to arrange the shippment under the term of DDU as requested.

The leadtime of SWITEK 3 Axis Servo Injection Robots SW6308S-20

As a standard 3 axis servo injection robot, SWITEK will make it ready to ship which means we'll have stocks of them available and would be deliverable immediately after payment received to help our clients reduce the waiting cost.