Injection Robot, 3 Axis Servo Injection Robot for IMM 50-200T, Get Quotation Now
Item No:SW6308S
Recommended IMM:50-200T
Cycle Time:6s
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Installation Dimension of SWITEK 3 Axis Servo Injection Robot SW6308S

Injection Robot

Model No. X1 X2 Y YM1 YM2 W L Z H Hs Payload I.M.M
SW6308S 780 700 800 350 450 1500 2000 1400 1780 500 3kg 50-200T
SW6310S 780 700 1000 350 650 1500 2420 1800 2023 520 3kg 150-320T

Suppliers of Key Components for SWITEK 3 Axis Servo Injection Robot SW6308S

Injection Robot Components Supplier

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Some Tips About How to Choose a Right Robot for Your Automation System:

Picking:To ensure that the robot has sufficient arm length to reach the mold center of the injection molding machine to pick the products.

Take out:Ensure that it's possible to be picked out by a robot (Mold structure and product shape).

Put Down:Ensure that the robot can put the products on the conveyor as requested ( Depend on the height of the safe door and the size of the product).

Payload:Ensure that the robot arm has sufficient loading capacity to pick the product (Depends on the weight of the product).

Cycle time:Ensure that the robot will move fast enough to catch up the injection cycle of the injection molding machine.

Arms:For standard mold a single arm robot would be perfect, while dual arms robot for three plates mold.

Extra Servo Motor:4/5 Axis servo robot could be taken into consideration while there's a special demand of the moving speed, repeat precision etc.

EOAT:The custom made EOAT such as cooling, runner cutting, in mold insertion etc. will help to finish complex injecdtion process.

Application : Two Tone Water Cups Injection Automation

Competitiveness of GuangDong SWITEK Technology Co., Ltd.

Quality:With ISO9001:2015 & CE Certified,  SWITEK has the capacity to ensure the quality of each robot and automation system delivered.

Innovation:National High Technical Enterprice since 2013, 5 patents of innovation, 65 patents of utility, DongGuang Industrial Robot R&D Center, 5 Software Copy Right and 4 Certificates of GuangDong Province High Tech Products well proofed the R&D capacity of SWITEK.

Service:With more than 20 after sales to provide you with online and infield technical support, SWITEK will promise a success start up of each robot right after its delivery.

Credit:Contract and credit unit of GuangDong Province since 2013

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Subject :Injection Robot, 3 Axis Servo Injection Robot for IMM 50-200T, Get Quotation Now

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