IML Solutions, Large Size Container Side Entry IML Solution, Get Quotation Now
Item No:SW850
Recommended IMM:400-750T
IML Solutions for:Large Size Container
Cycle Time:10s+
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Instrallation Dimension of SWITEK Large Size IML Robot SW850

iml robot

X1 X2 Y Z L W A B H
90 90 500 2300 2840 2200 1400 2580 1920

What Makes SWITEK an Excellent Supplier of IML System


1) With first IML system delivered in 2009, SWITEK has a complete IML Solutions Collection for different IML products.

2) SWITEK has excellent cooperation with world renowned component suppliers back to 2006.

robot component suppliers

3) OTC Listed Enterprice ( Stock Code: 838363) to Ensure the Openness of Our Cooperation

4) ISO9001:2005/CE to Ensure the Quality and Safety of the Injection Robots Products

5) 5 Patents of Innovation, 64 Patents of Utility Well Proofed Our R&D Capacity

robot certificates

6) Experienced after service team to provide both online technical support and infield installation service.

IML Solutions Application:

1. SWITEK One Cavity 20L Paint BucketIML Solution.

2. SWITEK Two Cavities Rectangular Biscuit BucketSide Entry IML Solution.

3. SWITEK One Cavity 10L PailSide Entry Two Steps IML Solutions

4. SWITEK 4 Cavities 700ml Beverage CupsSide Entry IML Solutions with Zhafir Full Electric Injection Molding Machine

5. SWITEK 1 Cavity 2kg Yoghurt PailSide Entry IML Solutions

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Subject :IML Solutions, Large Size Container Side Entry IML Solution, Get Quotation Now

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