Injection molding machine increase plastic production effectiency
June 15 ,2020 editor in  0
In general, thinwalled products in the injection molding industry is disposable plastic food box, such as disposable fast food boxs, plastic cups, soup bowls and plates, etc. These plastic products often order the top in the demand list, but it has not complicated making process.

injection molding machine

To some extent,the injection molding industry is one of the most competitive markets. In this case, the production efficiency the most important, because manufacturers trying to make up for smaller margins with greater volume, so increase efficiency is the fundamental of the injection molding industry.

For sellers, there are low market access threshold and flexible operational models, it only need a high-speed injection molding machine and mold.

Early injection molding process, the product was ejected using a thimble or airflow after injection molding, and the workers sorted the product after the product fell and then packed it.


Due to the short injection molding period , the injection molding industry requires high labor costs.

The Switek high-speed three-axis servo robot has  reduced labor costs greatly.

The high-speed injection molding machine cooperates with the high-speed three-axis servo robot , the complete of Four Cavities fast food box in 2.8~3.5s.

Experienced engineers optimize it , the injection time of a high-quality three-axis servo robot can be shortened to less than 1 second, which can increase efficiency greatly.