Single Axis Servo Injection Robot SW3108 with Dual Robot Arms,Get Quotation Now
Item No:SW3108D
Recommended IMM:50-250T
Cycle Time:6s
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Installation Dimesion of SWITEK Single Axis Servo Injection Robot SW3108DS

Injecdtion Robot

Model No. X1 X2 X3 X4 X5 Y YM1 YM2 W L Z H Hs Payload I.M.M
SW3108D 640 150 340 150 50 800 350 450 1290 1820 1280 1380 500 3 50~250T
SW3110D 900 150 600 150 50 1000 380 620 1490 2000 1400 1480 550 3 150~320T

Features of SWITEK Single Axis Servo Injection Robot SW31**

SW31 is a single axis servo injection robot designed for the injection molding machine 50~320T. It has two models, SW3108D for injection molding machine 50~250T and SW3110D for injection molding machine 150~320T for the picking of plastic parts. For SW31 series of injection robot we have both dual telescopic arms and single telescoption version available for different purpose. SWITEK single axis servo injection robot SW31 has features below:

1) Light weight structure design, reduces the horizontal motion burden and prolong the life of the robot.

2) With key components from world renowned standard mechanical and electronical parts supplier, ensure the quality of the robots and easy for maintenance.

robot parts manufacturer

3) Is possible the custom made the wiring system of the robot EU12/EU67 interface for European market.

4) Experienced after service team to provide you with both online and offline technical support.

What Makes SWITEK Technology a Reliable Injection Robot Supplier.


1) 15Years' Experience  (2006~2020) in Injection Robot Design and Manufacturing

2) OTC Listed Enterprice ( Stock Code: 838363) to Ensure the Openness of Our Cooperation

3) ISO9001:2005/CE to Ensure the Quality and Safety of the Injection Robots Products

4) 5 Patents of Innovation, 64 Patents of Utility Well Proofed Our R&D Capacity

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Subject :Single Axis Servo Injection Robot SW3108 with Dual Robot Arms,Get Quotation Now

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