General Terms of Injection Machinery Sales & Delivery - Warranty

15.1 We provide a warranty for delivered products for defects caused by a construction error, a material defect or excution in accordance with the following regulations. No further warranty right exist.

15.2 Defective parts or service can either be improved or replaced at our discretion in so far as the defect already existed at the time of the transfer of risk, whereby the burden of proof is with the Customer.

15.3 Parts that are replaced as part of a warranty claim are our property. If nothing else is agreed then we are only responsible for costs incurred through the repair or replacement of the defective parts in our workshops.

15.4 The Customer undertakes to send the defective goods or the defective parts to us or to a named third party at his risk and cost. Section 10 is valid for the delivery of rectified goods or parts. If components within a delivery or the delivery as a whole are/is returned then the Customer is required to compensate the depreciation of value of its time used.

15.5 The Customer is obliged to inform us immediately and in writing of the defect that has occurred or otherwise lose all claims to warranty.

15.6 Our warranty does not cover defects resulting from: natural waar and tear, improper maintenance, failure to follor operating instructions, excessive use or operation, use of raw materials or auxiliary materials that are unsuitable or of anature that cuases more wear than usual, chemical or electrolytic action, improper installation or assembly not carried out by us, and other causes beyond our responsibility.

15.7 Furthermore, the warranty does not cover negligible defects, i.e. such defects that have no direct and evident effect on the function of components or the quality of the product to be made - in particular, visible imperfections or similar defets.

15.8 The warranty is cancelled if the Customer or a third party undertakes modifications to or repair of the delivery without our written authorisation or if the Customer does not immediately take suitable measures to prevent the defect from increasing or finally if the defect cannot be resolved with reasonable technical measures.

15.9 If goods are made to order in conformity with designs, drawings or models supplied by the Customer, then we shall not be liable for the correctness of the design, and our liability shall be limited solely to the execution of the design according to the Customer's specifications. We have no duty to inspect or warn. The Customer shall indemnify, defend and hold us harmless from any claims for violation of patent or other property rights of third parties.

15.10 We shall assume no liability whatsoever if we undertake the repair, modification or alternation of old products or products from other suppliers. "Old products" shall mean products for which the warranty according to Sect. 15.11 has expired, or which, with the Customer's knowledge, were previously used by us or by a third party.

15.11 The warranty period is twelve months and begins with the transfer of risk, regardless of recognisability of any defect. The warranty period is not extended by resolution of any defect or defect acknowledgement, even in the event of the replacement of new parts in the main delivery, neither for the main delivery nor for the replaced or new parts.