Process technology seminars

In the process technology seminars, theoretical applications are combined with practical exercises on the machine. These exercises are carried out in small groups.


Target Group

Basic knowledge of plastic materials


  • Material science of plastics technology
  • Manufacturing process
  • Standards and selection criteria for injection molding machines
  • Machine setting strategy
  • Surface defects on thermoplastic injection molded parts


  • Understanding of the behavior of plastic materials
  • Identification of plastic materials
  • Detection and rectification of surface defects
  • Strategically correct machine setting

Plasticizing Units


  • Selection criteria for plasticizing units
  • Basics of the melting and transport characteristics
  • Effect of processing conditions on melt quality
  • Special screw geometries and their fields of application
  • Detection of plasticizing faults


  • Basic understanding of the process taking place in the plasticizing unit
  • Selection of plasticizing units for specific applications
  • Potential and limitations of special plasticizing units
  • Detection of defects caused in plasticizing units

Multi-Component Seminar


  • Machine design and equipment range (characteristics)
  • Process technology
  • Mold technology for multi-component injection molding technology
  • Material combination options
  • Machine setting strategy and process optimization
  • Practical training on the machine


  • Definition of concept solutions
  • Understanding of different process variants
  • Strategically correct machine setting