Individual training courses

SWITEK offers its customers the option of individual training to provide maximum flexibility in every respect. Depending on the customer's preference, the seminars are held either on-site at the customer's facility or on the premises of SWITEK. The customer also chooses the main topics.

Taking the initiative is the way to get the decisive edge. This includes well-trained skilled staff who are called on to provide targeted further training for their associates. But very often regular production process (on tight schedules) prevent skilled staff from being sent to seminars held applications in sufficient depth.

With our individual training courses, we offer our customers flexibility in terms of venues, timing and main topics for seminars.


SWITEK - Turn-key Injeciton Molding Automation

Ever since the foundation of SWITEK Technology in 2006, innovation and technological advancement have been the fundamental principles of SWITEK technology, on the basis of which our company's entire product portfolio and range of services have been developed. This continuous development process enables us to offer our customers the service and support that are essential for the successful development and manufacture of new products for the demanding plastics technology market. This means decades of intensive cooperation based on mutual trust with our customers and partners, which will also remain a top priority for our company in the future.

With a comprehensive, diversified range of machinery, including toggle modular, hydraulic and all-electric models, all equipped with the latest technology, we stand ready to meet any future demands from the market for plastic products.

Our manchinery, equipment and robotic automation systems are characterized by a combination of efficiency and the highest quality standard with an excellent price/performance ratio. Thanks to SWITEK's global presence, we're also in a position to offer our customers the necessary support and service anywhere in the world.

Basic Training

Workshop Injection Molding

The seminar, "Workshop injection molding" is offered in five days each. If required we carry out a final test.


Target Group

  • Persons with technical understanding (Previous injection molding experience not required)
  • Employees of injection molding companies who would like to expand their existing knowledge