SWITEK General Terms of Injection Machinery & Parts Purchasing - Guarantee

7.1 The supplier guarantee agreed quality. He promises that the supplied object possesses the agreed qualitative and dimensional properties as well as full functionality.

7.2 The legal consequences of defective delivery or the absence of promised properties are in accordance with the legal provisions, with the proviso that, in all cases, we can demand elimination of the defect free of charge. If a delivery or a service is made in parts then we are entitled to withdraw from the entire contract if the guaranteed work is not properly done even with regard to just one part. Goods which are complained about can be sent back by us carriage forward.

In urgent cases, we're entitled to rectify the defect by ourselves at the cost of the supplier.

7.3 Subject to other agreements, the guarantee commitment is 24 months after agreement or installation but, at the longest, 30 months after delivery to us.

on domestic or freign laws, the supplier must compensate us for damages which arise in so far as his delivery was faulty and responsible for damages.