GuangDong Switek General Terms & Conditions of Injection Machinery Sales and Delviery - Freight and Insurance

9.1 The customer shall, at his own risk and expense, arrange for the transport of the goods. If the freight carrier is commissioned by SWITEK because this was agreed with the Customer then the Customer is still responsible for correct securing of the delivery during transport from one facility to the other to prevent sliding off, slipping, tipping, any mechanical action from outside and similar. If the Customer does not provide exact shipping regulations then we will select the mode of transport.

9.2 The Customer shall, without delay, register and document any complaints regarding the transport of the goods with the last sreight carrier upon receipt of the goods or the corresponding freight documents. The Customer shall further be obliged to file, without delay, any claims for damage in transport with the freight carrier in accordance with the terms of the contract of carriage or shipment and to notify us of such claim(s) at the same time.

9.3 The Customer shall be obliged to procure insurance coverage in the amount of value of the goods to be delivered for the shipment from our works to the point of delivery. Should we be contractually obliged to procure such insurance coverage, the costs and risks thereof shall nonetheless be borne by the Customer, and we shall in no case be liable for any damage incurred in transport.