General Terms of Injection Machinery Sales & Delivery - Delayed delivery

12.1 If we're in default with our deliveries the Customer is entitled to fulfilment. If we are proven to be at fault then he can alternatively select the right to withdraw from the contract by written declaration setting a reasonable extension. The reasonable nature of the extension is determined particularly by the scope of the delivery and also whether special design is required.

12.2 In the event that a partial delivery has been put to use by the Customer and if this can still be used by the Customer in principle then no withdrawal is permitted in respect to this partial delivery.

12.3 We only become liable for damage in accordance with section 16.

12.4 If the Customer withdraws from the contract then the services already provided must be reserved. Section 13.2 is valid correspondingly.

12.5 If a transaction with a fixed date is not completed on time then we are only liable within the regulations in section 16.