General Terms of Injection Machinery Sales & Delviery - Delay on the part of Customer

13.1 Should the customer come into arreas with a payment or default in other obligations (especially one according to Sect.2.4 or 7.2 hereinabove), then we shall be entitled to demand that he fulfil his obligations and:

13.1.1 to postpone the fulfilment of our own contractual obligations until such time as the overdue payment has been credited or the Customer has fulfilled his due obligation;

13.1.2 to extend the deadline for delivery by a reasonable period of time;

13.1.3 to declare the balance of the purchase price still outstanding as due and payable immediately (forfeit of payment by instalments) and;

13.1.4 to charge statutory default increase at five percentage points above the base interest rage and futhermore

13.1.5 to declare withdrawal from the contract giving a reasonable extension and

13.1.6 to demand compensation for damage caused to us through the delay and any costs for the necessary collection measures.

13.2 In the event of withdrawal the services already provided must be reserved. The Customer must release the received deliveries to SWITEK and compensate us for the reduction in value in that time together with our costs, particularly transport costs, customs charges, fees, travelling costs, construction and administration costs etc. Costs also include expenses we had to incur for the purchase of parts of the delivery from third parties (sub-suppliers) or will still incur. The Customer will also receive the payments already made without interest and taking into account the above deductions. If special designs are involved then we can make the parts available to the Customer and demand the corresponding proportion of the purchase price for them.